Customer Service Representative, Retail

A tailor-made energy offer while shopping? With our brand Essent, it's possible! As a customer service representative in one of our shop-in-shops, your workplace will be in the store. You will provide advice on energy issues and make a suitable proposal. You will be Essent's calling card!

Working in an Essent shop-in-shop involves actually meeting the customer. This is as close as it gets to the customer, so you make a direct and personal impact. Questioning, listening, empathising and responding to the needs of the customer, not working from a script or hiding behind the telephone, this is what energises us!

Every customer is your customer! And we apply all of our energy to every customer. Time after time, you will take responsibility for finding the best solution or the best advice, for both the customer and for Essent! But we are not only responsible for individual success. We are also responsible for the success of the team, the shop-in-shop and Essent.

We work in friendly and close-knit teams with a direct, fast and dynamic culture. You will be most likely to feel at home here if you have a down-to-earth, hands-on attitude. Because you will not have many direct Essent colleagues around you in the store, you will need to enjoy (and have the capacity for) working independently. You will also need to be confident; we say what we think, and we give and receive honest feedback. Together, we aim to achieve the very best results; only then can we be successful.

Working in a store is always dynamic. Working in an Essent shop-in-shop is even more dynamic! Can you strike the right balance between wide-ranging customer contact, challenging KPIs and targets, the various stakeholders and interests and the numerous retail formulas of which you will become a part? Sounds difficult? No, simply challenging!

But we will not simply throw you in at the deep end. We will offer extensive training, ensuring you know everything about customer contact, energy and Essent.

Essent has opted to join forces with Adecco and YoungCapital in its search for the best customer service representatives for Essent! This is why you will find our customer service representative vacancies via the links below. Both YoungCapital and Adecco will process your application as quickly as possible and keep you posted on developments. If you have any questions about the job descriptions, you will find the contact details for Adecco and YoungCapital below.