Putting our customer first

Customers trust us as we anticipate their needs, listen to what they tell us and do what we say. We respond effectively to the needs of our customers. We believe that the actions of every employee impacts customer service and through our customers, the energy transition.

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Better together

Internally we work together for the greater good without silos. Externally we work cooperatively with our partners and the communities we serve. We believe that we need each other to be successful. We have an open work culture where ambitions and plans are shared and feedback is received. This is how we people to show the best version of themselves, to inspire teams and the organization.

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Delivering on promises

We do what we say we will do – we are accountable. We get things done. We believe in pragmatism, in taking and giving ownership, in order to be successful. Then, the summary of our individual and group actions – not just words - bring success.

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Exploring new paths

Each of us is able to challenge, to test ideas and to fail fast. Mistakes are learnt from not punished. We want a fail smart culture where people feel able to speak up. We believe in growth. That we can move forward as an organization when we grow together, by investing in development and exploring new paths and learn from each other: growth comes from curiosity.

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Behaving mindfully

Each one of us is self aware and cares about others. We are open-minded, behave in a respectful way and value differences. We show our appreciaition for all the hard work by focussing on health and by giving people the opportunity to learn. We have a positive mindset. With appreciation we create trust.

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