Thanks New Job! Tarun was referred by Pradhuymna as DevOps Engineer

Gepubliceerd op 4 March 2022

About 20% of our new colleagues chooses a job at Essent based on enthusiastic stories from their network and are recommended to us as a referral candidate. Ready to make an impact on the energy transition in the Netherlands. In Thanks New Job we put the two players of a successful via-via recruitment - also called referral - in the spotlight. This time it is Tarun Saxena who thanks Pradhuymna Manju for his new job as DevOps Engineer within Essent IT.

Where do you know each other from?

Pradhuymna: “Tarun and I are former colleagues, we used to work together at ING Bank, in the same team and on the same project. I came to work at Essent in May 2021, then soon after a vacancy for DevOps Engineer became available and I immediately thought of Tarun. I contacted him and, with his consent, passed on his resume to the Essent Recruiter. Tarun started in November last year and now we are colleagues again!”

“He gets things done!”

Pradhuymna, why did you think of Tarun for this vacancy?

Pradhuymna: “The role Tarun played for ING is similar to the DevOps Engineer we were looking for at Essent. I was convinced for many reasons that he would be a good candidate. In addition to the practical experience that Tarun brings, for example in the use of Azure and Gitlab, he is also good at R&D. He also has certain skills that are necessary for this role: he is quite driven, determined and also very sociable, he gets on with people very well. My wish for him is to continue like this, especially by coming up with new ideas to innovate!”

How did Pradhuymna make you enthusiastic about working at Essent?

Tarun: “Prad told me about the work culture at Essent. We talked about the role of DevOps Engineer and the opportunities that I could get at Essent to grow professionally as well as technically - to really take it to the next level in my career. All of that inspired me to come and start working at Essent!"

€1500 referral bonus

What are you going to do with the €1500 referral bonus you get for referring Tarun?

Pradhuymna: “Nothing for now. We are waiting for the summer and then want to plan a vacation with our baby. Where to? That is still unclear. Who knows, we might go to India to visit family.”

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