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Rosalie (Manager House in Order Essent Business System) and Tim (Commercial Product Manager Heating) tell about how they receive and give appreciation at Essent.

''You will receive back what you invest. And have trust in that''

Give and take

For Tim appreciation is apparent from daily compliments and feedback when you performed well. "That Managers give their teams positive feedback on the performance. These compliments are very important". Appreciation means for Rosalie ‘give and take’. "Every day you do what it takes to perform. This is what you do as an individual and as a team. But it is very motivating to hear that this effort and the realized results are appreciated by others. "She believes strongly that when you recognize and appreciate the work of others and when you receive this back, you are able to grow and are stimulated to put even more energy in their daily work."

Appreciation at Essent is not only about the team spirit. "The working conditions are very good. The office is a very nice environment. These two elements are the basis of appreciation I receive and experience every month," explains Tim. When he receives compliments based on a success story in which he took part, he has a reason to celebrate. "It is kind of a small party you celebrate on your own."

Appreciation is growth and loyalty

Rosalie had an open conversation with her manager about her next steps within Essent. "On a regular basis I conversations with him about my ambitions and these are very open and transparent conversations. I am very pleased with this: it means I feel the security that I can be myself and be authentic in my future plans."

At Essent you also get appreciation from outside of the company. "It is very nice to receive a message from customers when we did something that made them happy. Customers do not always express their satisfaction and when they do, this means you really did something good," explains Tim proudly.

Rosalie feels personal appreciated that when she notices after a successful delivery of a assignment, she is asked to carry out another assignment due to her expertise. "For me, that is really a sign of appreciation as well is me as a person behind the colleague. That is the most important compliment."

Appreciation is not a top down thing. "Before a came to this interview, my manager told me that I could also express my appreciation for him. So hereby: I also appreciate my manager," Tim adds with a smile.

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