Established in 2005, Powerhouse is our brand at the upper end of the wholesale market. Thanks to our innovative energy platform, Powerhouse has grown to become one of the leading energy companies in the Netherlands and Belgium. Through complete automation of the entire energy company, we have outstanding knowledge of the whole value chain of energy products. Since the company began, our core business has been connecting users directly with the energy markets.

Both literally and figuratively, Powerhouse is an extraordinarily energetic company in which personal and professional development really matter. Our office in Amsterdam is highly dynamic, where no two days are the same. There is a lot happening and there are all kinds of possibilities. We have close contact with our customers and our agile approach ensures that we are continuously improving our products and services.

We consider ourselves to be the energy company of the future. This means that we aim to be continuously innovating, and as pioneers we are also aware that not everything runs smoothly all the time. Dynamism, open communication, no two days the same. If that's what makes you happy, you are sure to feel at home at Powerhouse.

Powerhouse's mission is to enable customers to actively purchase and sell on various energy markets in order to optimise their positions. They offer more than just access to energy markets.

Powerhouse achieves this by offering the best trading products and the state-of-the-art Powerhouse Platform. In addition, customers can count on outstanding support from us. In order to ensure that we can continue to meet flexible energy needs effectively in the future, we are innovating all the time. Of course, energy policy always depends on the individual customer and the personal advice that Powerhouse offers ensures that customers take the right course and achieve returns.