Who we are

Since 1909 we provide energy to our customers. Millions of consumers and businesses choose Essent on a daily basis. In our own unique way we deliver what we excel at: affordable and sustainable energy solutions for everyone.

We have talent for energy. We demonstrated that when we helped roll out the gas network and when we were the first to provide green energy. Today we show this by keeping our market-leading position, year after year, despite - or perhaps thanks to - the fierce competition, changing markets and the fast pace of political, social and technological innovations.

The energy transition requires us to collaborate in smart ways and to take rapid action. Together with our service partners we remove the obstacles to the energy transition one by one. People in the Netherlands want to live more sustainably, but in an affordable and practical way. We help our customers to dramatically decrease their carbon footprint. With our experience of over a 100 years in the continuously changing energy field, we are ideally positioned to make this a reality.

We are market leaders in the Netherlands. Our ambition is clear: to maintain our market-leading position in the energy field. This is made possible by our employees, top performers who work shoulder to shoulder for the same purpose. Employees who are at the top of their game and seek to realize the full potential of themselves and their team.


We are Essent, what about you?