When you say energy, you say Essent. More than 2,5 million customers know us. But if we want to maintain our market-leading position, this is not enough. People in the Netherlands want to live more sustainable, comfortable, and affordable lives. This is where we see opportunities that can be seized, by our marketing department for example. We don’t stagnate, we are always one step ahead of our competition.

The Marketing department looks beyond our core business (electricity and gas). At Essent, we show our expertise by implementing new propositions and setting up result oriented marketing campaigns. We see ourselves as managers of customer journeys. With ownership, focus and drive we realise our full potential in creating impact and growth. Stagnation is not an option. This is why we work with RADAR (Research, Analytics, Database Marketing and Reporting) and we seize the opportunities provided by the energy transition. This is how we deliver the best and most straightforward energy solutions for our customers.

You are a top performer in the Marketing Department

Success starts with you. You are the marketeer, product manager or innovation manager who turns opportunities into results. You dive into the details, but don’t lose track of the big picture. You focus your energy on what really matters. Whether you are setting up an innovative campaign or creating new business models, your are at the top of your game and proud of it.

We are Essent. What about you?